Cor.-member Prof. DSc Vassil Prodanov
tel. 987 37 02

Head of Scientific Council:
Assoc. Prof. DSc Dimitur Tzatzov
981 07 91

Scienfic Secretary:
Assoc. Prof. Vesselin Petrov, Ph.D.
981 07 91

The Institute for Philosophical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1945 as an Institute of Philosophy and Education by the Academicians Dimitar Mihalchev (who was its first Director), Spiridon Kazandzhiev, and the then newly inaugurated Academicians Todor Pavlov and Mihail Dimitrov. During the period 1952-1988 the Institute was known as the “ Institute of Philosophy ”, later “ Institute of Philosophical Sciences ”, and since 1995 till now as “Institute for Philosophical Research”. The Institute publishes the journal Philosophical Alternatives.

Major research topics are the general philosophical problems of social development and humanitarian knowledge in the scientific areas of ontology and epistemology, logic, philosophy of science, ethics and bioethics, aesthetics and cultural studies, social philosophy, history of philosophy and anthropology and religious studies.

During the thirteen years after 1995, members of the Institute have published a significant numbers of books and articles: 260 books (32 abroad и 228 in Bulgaria), 1777 articles (241 abroad, and 1536 in Bulgaria), or in sum 1957 publications.

The current mission of the Institute for Philosophical Research is subordinated to the major priority for social sciences within BAS for the forthcoming period until 2013, which is to make contributions in building knowledge-based society and partnership with European researchers.
The main strategic goal of IPhR is subordinated to this task. It is to provide and sustain a high level of research activity in the domain of social sciences, based on comparativeness, international competitiveness and national pride, as well as to make research on to the current needs of Bulgarian social, economical and intellectual development following the European and world-wide tendencies of organization of scientific research.
IPhR is a leading national centre of diverse investigation practices, maintaining high professional and scientific standards. The main spheres of research activity is dedicated to various problems within contemporary theoretical and applied philosophy, by means of interdisciplinary, strategic and forecast analyses of the most urgent challenges of nowadays Bulgarian society in the European and Global context.

International Cooperation
IPhR participates in projects related to 5th, 6th and 7th framework programs of EU; projects linked to NATO; and projects concerning collaboration of BAS with foreign academies of sciences and scientific organizations, e.g. Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Byelorussia, and Turkey. IPhR has also an ongoing collaboration with American Metaphysical Society, European Centre of Applied Ontology, European Centre of process studies, and other international philosophical organizations. Members of the institute have specialized in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, etc.
Since 1970, IPhR has been organizing regularly International Varna Philosophy Summer School. In the beginning, it use to take place every year, but after 1989 – it was moved to every two years. Many specialists from European and non-European countries have participated in it. This year, 2008, a jubilee ХХV International Varna Summer School will be carried out under the sponsorship of NATO. The topic of the school is “Philosophy and Security in an Insecure World”.

Educational activity
IPhR is among the major institutions in the country which deals with preparation of PhD students in philosophy. It is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency to Ministry Council of Republic of Bulgaria to prepare specialists in the following 10 philosophical dispiplines: ontology, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, logic, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of culture, economics and law, history of philosophy, contemporary philosophy, and philosophy of history. Currently, IPhR hosts altogether 15 PhD students. During the year 2007, 6 PhD students defended their dissertations successfully. During the last five years, all regular PhD students have defended successfully within their deadline periods. The percentage of successful student defences is higher than the average percentage within BAS, and other universities in Bulgaria. The best of the successfully defended students are invited to pass an exam and become regular members of the institute (see data in the last paragraph of the brochure), other PhDs of IPhR have successful realizations at universities, private companies, and other organizations.
Teaching activity continues to be a priority of our members. During 2007, members of the institute have delivered around 1000 hours of lectures on variety of subjects within the sphere of humanitarian and social sciences at chief universities in the country: Sofia University, Plovdiv University “Paisij Hilendarski”; New Bulgarian University, National Art Academy, South West University in Blagoevgrad, Turnovo University “St. St. Kirilus and Metodius”; Free University of Varna, High Institute for Islam Studies, Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. During 2007, our members taught 24 different lecture courses and various seminar courses within the framework of 9 disciplines, as well as two courses for post-diploma qualifications.

Sixty-seven research associates work in eight departments, specialized in the various domains of philosophy, humanitarian and social knowledge.
The qualification levels follow the regulations of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the National Accreditation Board: PhD student, PhD, associate professor, professor, academician. DSc (Doctor of philosophical sciences) is the highest scientific degree.
Scientific Council of IPhR consists of 19 people, 10 of whom are professors or doctors of sciences. The Scientific Council has rights delegated by the National Testimonial Committee to produce professors and associate professors.

Established since the time the institute was found, the library of IPhR contains rich and in many ways unique collection of books and periodicals from the domains of philosophy, religion, culture, social and political sciences. There are 35000 units and over 35 periodicals in the stock. A computer centre with permanent internet connection is at a disposal during the working hours


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